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We are creators, storytellers and strategists getting spicy with every project. We help brands tell their story through marketing strategy and cutting-edge content. Our team combines business, marketing, communications and design strategies to craft meaningful and authentic brands. We don’t just come up with what’s cool, we refine the message your customers want to hear and the experience they crave. We’ll help uncover what makes you special, differentiates you from the competition and defines who you are and what you want to be.

Advertising Partners to Organizations in Buffalo and Beyond

Our Pillars

We admire and celebrate the unusual, and believe that what shapes culture are people and brands with a rebellious viewpoint. We embrace the movers and shakers, risk-takers and change-makers.

We stay current by understanding trends and then deciding to follow, break or create them.

We provide content that is true to a brand's heart and mind.

Joe Babcock

Joe Babcock is a visual designer who uses his instinctive ability of visual storytelling to help brands engage with their audiences. His skills in graphic design, web design, branding and multimedia have been instrumental in developing creative campaigns for lifestyle brands, artists and arts organizations. When Joe is not busy pushing pixels, he can be found tending to his collection of rare houseplants, renovating his 100+ year old home or working on his yoga flow.

Jeff Heras

Jeff Heras is a writer and digital marketer with an education in journalism obtained from Buffalo State College. When he is not adventuring Buffalo and discovering what WNY has to offer, Jeff can be found at local art openings, on top of the slopes in Ellicottville or working on his CrossFit skills. Additionally, Jeff has worked on content and marketing strategies for brands and entrepreneurs in the tech, healthcare and arts/design industries.

Our Story

“When we sat down to think about names for our marketing business, the first thing we said was, ‘Nothing bland. It has to be Spicy. Yeah, let’s call it Spicy.’ They say your first idea is never your best. Sometimes the first idea is just “eh” and other times it’s what’s most natural. This time it worked.


It’s a word that we admittedly overuse, but it carries all of the energy we wanted in our brand. Fun, not too rigid. Youthful, playful, memorable. I mean, we also hope the work we produce has people saying, ‘Wow, Spicy’ because that’s simply the goal. But on a deeper level, we want to help arts entrepreneurs and brands creatively tell their stories. It’s what lights us up. And we think the world is craving that right now – to feel connected and inspired by people who have a meaningful story to tell.”


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