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never bland

We are creators, storytellers and strategists getting Spicy with every project. Our purpose is to help arts entrepreneurs and brands tell their stories through marketing strategy and cutting-edge content.

When we sat down to think about names for our marketing business, the first thing we said was, ‘Nothing bland. It has to be Spicy. Yeah, let’s call it Spicy.’ They say your first idea is never your best. Sometimes the first idea is just “eh” and other times it’s what’s most natural. This time it worked.

It’s a word that we admittedly overuse, but it carries all of the energy we wanted in our brand. Fun, not too rigid. Youthful, playful, memorable. I mean, we also hope the work we produce has people saying, ‘Wow, Spicy’ because that’s simply the goal. But on a deeper level, we want to help arts entrepreneurs and brands creatively tell their stories. It’s what lights us up. And we think the world is craving that right now – to feel connected and inspired by people who have a meaningful story to tell.”

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