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Buffalo Art Movement

Fueled by the talents of emerging and established artists in Buffalo and across the Western New York area, Buffalo Art Movement (BAM!) presented us with the opportunity to build the roots of a brand and business in the midst of a pandemic. Taking into consideration their mission of art incubation, community and approachability, we set out to create an experience that continues to position the brand as a new model for art engagement. 


The development of the logo, full brand identity and print collateral was inspired by the founder’s love for the pop art movement and artist Roy Lichtenstein. Those elements carried over to the design of the website and E-commerce platform. Our process in developing the content architecture reinforced the ease of user experience for the brand’s digital assets. Our social media strategy mimicked the aesthetics of the brand and included a content strategy that encompassed video, photography and copywriting to highlight the intimacy behind an artist’s creative process. We employed social media outreach tactics and best practices in public relations to spread the brand’s identity and story.